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>> hello, welcome to the news hour. we have the top international stories. satisfied and verified, the world's chemical weapons watchdog said syrias facilities for producing chemical weapons have been destroyed. >> an exclusive report from the democratic represen re. of congo. a town retaken, that was held by rebels. >> taxing times for the super rich in france, footballers
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threaten to strike. >> i have the sports, including: >> it's been 95 years in the making as the boston red sox win the world series at fenway park. >> a top story out of syria, an important milestone has been reached in the effort to destroy syria's chemical weapons. the world's chemical weapons watchdog says all of the declared facilities for producing the weapons have now been destroyed. while the international community has focus said on chemical weapons, 1 million syrians currently live undersiege in their own country. many struggle to survive, and take shelter when they can.
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for this resident, feeding her family is a life threatening task. >> as you can see, we're a big, extended family. there are 30 kids here. i, my daughter and her kids, we have no one but mighty allah. this has been home for us for three months and we get two bundles of bread a day. one girl came home late yesterday, almost 11:00 at night. she went to the camp to bring bread. it cost nearly $4. my daughter went to the camp to bring flour, then she found out it was mixed with toxic materials, so after she bakes i had, she threw it away. i went to complain, but when he reached the check point, they didn't allow me in. i returned back at sunset. many people, especially women with their babies awaiting in the check points and security forces of beating us. they have beaten an elderly man
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with his young daughter. they took his bread and the mobile phone. one of the security personal necessarily rode him like a donkey, while the other was beating the girls. i cried when i saw them doing that to an elderly man. this is our life now. one day we eat, while the next day we sleep hungry, allah is our protector. >> i am now joined live from istanbul. omar, an important milestone happen reached in terms of destroying or tarting to destroy syria's chemical weapons, but really, what difference does it make to people on the ground? >> i'm sorry to say, it will not affect anything, because people are continuing to suffer. there is lack of food, lack of medicine, and above all, they are being killed, not only by chemical weapons, but by conventional weapons, as well.
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i've been speaking to a senior syrian opposition member. he told us while the news could be good to the international community when it comes to eliminating syria's chemical stockpile, but there are over 100,000 people, even over 120,000 people killed with weapons like tanks, you asked missiles and others. nothing has changed on the ground for millions of sirens. >> what does this mean for the next few stages, having reached the milestone? >> i think it will be fair to say that the first and the second stage of the whole plan is the easiest part. now the difficult one is about
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to start, from november 1 up until the end of june of next year, and that involves the destruction of syria's chemical weapons stockpile. we're talking about and estimation of about 1,000 metric tons of chemical weapons. now, of course, the syrian government revealed a detailed plan on how to destroy the stockpile. the o.p.c.w. needs to approve that plan by mid november. of course, the whole process could last until 2014, by the end of june. another important bid to bear in mind is that when we talk about in terms of the chemical weapons is only what the syrian government revealed. no one at the o.p.c.w. or from the western countries is doubting the information given by the syrian government, because you would suspect that there could be more than the estimated amount of chemical
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weapons stock piled in syria. >> omar, thank you very much for getting us up to date, reporting for us from istanbul. >> the congolese military has taken 18 months for the army to put down the rebellion by some of its former soldiers. aljazeera's malcolm webb was with the congolese solers for the final assault. >> day breaks. it's time to fight. the falling of rockets fired at the m23 rebels boosts morale. the congolese soldiers have a long way to go. the rebel fighters still hold a 20-kilometer stretch of road, surrounded by hills and bush. at the end lies the last rebel
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strong hold, the town on the border with uganda. >> i'm just cleaning my gun, because i want to go fight m23. they are not strong. our mission is to chase them over the border. thank you. >> they don't know what resistance they'll find on the way. they'll soon find out. some are terrified. most just keep moving forward. between fire fights, they're well received in the villages. this woman thinks things are about to get better. >> if the government takes back the town, then all of our relatives who are refugees can come back. under m23, it was very tough. >> it's time to resupply. the confidence grows.
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then, another gun battle. again, the rebels flee. they were trying to defend this bridge, and they tried to burn it to stop tanks from passing. the strategy failed. the advance gathers momentum. on the outskirts of the town, there's just a handful of rebels left. they're seen off by a blast of heavy machine gunfire from the soldiers. >> finally, they reach the town. it's completely deserted, all the civilians have fled. in a bit of fighting, you can still hear gunfire in the hills, but the commander said it's over, they've taken the last rebel strong hold. doesn't mean the rebels can't hide in the hills and cause more trouble, but this was the last town they had control of. >> minutes later, the street is
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flooded with delighted residents. the rebels weren't popular here. people say they stole, killed and raped. after more than a year of living under their rule, there was a sense of relief and celebration. malcolm webb, aljazeera in the democratic republic of congo. >> the results are in or an unofficial referendum held in an oil rich state straddling south sudan. people have voted to be part of the new state with a result of 99.4 in favor. a two ethnic groups live in the region, but just one took part in the poll. the other is now threatening to hold its own referendum. >> protestors in kenya have been calling for the government to take action against men who gang
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raped a 16-year-old girl. hundreds of protestors gathered in nairobi, marching to police headquarters. in june, six men attacked the girl known in the media as liz in the town and then threw her into a pit used as a latrine. a day later, the community handed three of the men to police. as punishment, the men were told to cut the grass at the police compound and sent home. the rape was not reported in kenya media until october when doctors treating the girl went public. a few weeks later, she had spinal surgery and now needs to use a wheelchair and is still undergoing treatment. we were sent this update from the heart of the protest in nairobi. >> this is a complaint for accountability and an end to the impunity in which women are raped across kenya. this is an outrage of the
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punishment to young men who gang raped a girl who is 16 years old. they are here to present a petition signed by 1.2 million people to the inspector general of police. now, the inspector general has told the media in the past forth eight hours that they have arrested the six men who gang raped the girl who is known as liz to the media. the activists who are here from different organizations have told us that they have been in touch with the family, in touch with people who live in the area where liz comes from, and the arrest has not happened. they are calling on the inspector general of police to arrest the men and make sure they face the charge of rape. they are calling the act of asking the men to just cut grass and then being released as the worst punishment for rape in the world. now the story of liz is not the only case of rape in this country. in fact, it's a widespread
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problem in this country. however, it took the courage of the doctor who was treating her for a broken back and the condition of fistula who decided to come out to the media. >> they are fleeing a protracted civil war, but are being stopped at the border. we take a look at why amnesty international says jordan isn't doing enough to help refugees from syria. >> police initiative in the u.k. that tries to stop the mentally ill from ending up in jail rather than hospitals. the details in just a moment. >> violent spectators throw football back into the spotlight just a day after one of the top teams is punished. all the details coming up with joe in sport.
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french football clubs say they will cancel all games during the last weekend of november. it's in protest against a new super travel on the megarich. here's how it affects footballers. anything a footballer makes over and above $1.3 million a year is taxed not at the current rate of 49%, but a higher rate of 75%. the french football league says it will cost the clubs more than $60 million over two years. paris st. germain will pay the most. we are joined live from paris. tim, let's broaden this out a little bit now. what is the percentage of the trench population that will be affected by this millionaire's tax? >> there are about a thousand people in france who will be hit
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by this 75% tax right. you may recall that france first of all wanted to put the tax on individuals, but that was ruled unconstitutional. he's had it put on to companies. there are about 470 businesses in france that will be affected, including, as you were mentioning, these 14 top football clubs, who have now said in protest that they're going to go on strike. it brings new meaning to the word striker, but the figures are mind-blowing. i know you're looking for can text here, but i adjusted want to mention this. p.s.g.'s paris st. germain's main player, $25.000000 a year he's reported to get, so he breaks the threshold by just a little bit, i think you'd agree. going back to your context
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question, there's a high tax economy in france. i mean, in fact, it was said perhaps you should not raise as many attaches as your doing, but he wants to get france out of its economic difficulties. he would rather do that by putting taxes on people who can afford it, big professional football clubs and players, rather than cutting services that will affect the less well off which of course is the route they've taken in the u.k., for instance. this is the way he's playing it here, but it's gotten him into trouble, of course. >> of course we should talk about his popularity ratings and it's sunk to an all time low. it's not just football players and millionaires affected. he has been trying to raise taxes across the board, but has had to reverse some of his decisions, hasn't he? >> well, he has. he's sort of struggling with this unpopularity and he's made
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compromises, just one this week on an eco tax he wanted to put on heavy goods vehicles. there were riots in britney in western france over the weekend. there's another big demo planned for this coming weekend. he suspended that travel. now, he's going to talk to the football players or the clubs, i should say later on today, thursday, and to see if they can find some compromise. it was an election pledge of his to put on this tax, so i can't really see there's much room for maneuver, but maybe they can find a way through it. otherwise, stadiums all over france will be empty instead of the normal bustle of fans, and the clubs say they'll have open days for the fans, instead, but certainly no games in that last weekend of november, as it stands. >> he's a very brave man to go
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up against footballers and their fans. tim, thank you very much for joining us for that, reportedding for us from paris. >> a strike against austerity measures has shut down the metro system in portugal's capitol. commuters packed into buses to get. metro officials say the government is trying to privatize public transportation. >> workers in italian banks have been striking, upset at plans to cut 19,000 jobs. unions blame executives for recent losses. they say risky investment and loans were taken out in the lead up to the global financial crisis. police in the u.k. say they are unable to cope with the rising number of people with mental illnesses and they have called for more medical support.
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now we are joined live from london. lawrence, what more can you tell us about this? >> clearly, over the last few months, there's been enormous talk in the u.k. about the crisis in the national health service. primarily, it's been about people with physical problems, a lock of access to doctors and nurses, people waiting for hours to see a doctor, the partial privatization and so on. far less has been talked about the crisis in mental health provision inside the u.k., even though it's an enormous drain on the economy. there's an enormous funding gap. these things have gone without much comment until a few weeks ago. police said they spend a full 25 or 30% of all their time on the streets dealing with people who have had mental health episodes. the police said that they felt that it most appropriate they were having to put these people
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in cells, when they should be treated in emergency. last night, i went out on the streets in the midlands where they've come up with a new and imaginative idea to solve some of these problems. here's how it works. >> these two men are at the forefront of a health initiative, speaking volumes about the mental health crisis on the streets of england. police officer and mental health nurse are on their way to a woman's house. she's committed no crime, but they fear she might. she thinks people are coming out of her television set and she's got young children at home. >> we have had a look at her health information, and we know that she has a diagnose of paranoid schizophrenia. these symptoms would fit in with that, and we're going out just to assess her current state and
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look at the risks to herself and to other people. >> when they arrive at the house, the police job is to facilitate the nursing and answer for a cry for help. here as elsewhere in england, the full 25% ever all police time is spent dealing with people with mental health problems after something's gone wrong. the reason why this pilot is so interesting, it effectively is preventative policing, trying to get on top of a problem before the criminal justice system has to get involved. >> the police recognize they can't possibly do this alone. that's where places like this become vital. day care centers run for people like kareem. >> for many years, i've had 40 years of mental health and i've seen the difference. now it's get out there, do
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stuff, positive, whatever your situation is. >> he makes the obvious point that better funding for such a large problem would actually save money. >> there are a significant people who fall out of work because of mental health problems, sickness absence as a result of mental health problems is the biggest cause. >> problems they run like i.t. courses to help mentally ill people back to work. >> if we lose funding, then our service will close and they will have to find other services in the area. >> they say if politicians could see what goes on inside the minds, then none of these problems would arise. certainly mental illness in prisons, a cell is no place to put them.
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>> compounding all this as well as the funding i guess the stigma here still attached to mental health. today's halloween by coincidence a day when people wear scary outfits, two of britains biggest super markets were forced to withdraw outfits for sale, because they were described as mental patient outfits. there's not going to be much in the way of funding for sympathy for people with mental health problems when that stigma is still around. >> certainly is. thank you for reporting from london. >> now let's go to the weather, the philippines bracing for another typhoon. >> we're already seeing it now. if we look at the satellite picture, we can see the area gradually tracking towards the west. here's the eye of the storm, very well defined. this storm is actually the seventh storm we've seen in october. that's an awful lot of storms
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for just one single month. in the entire season, it runs from may to october, we've only seen 12 and seven of them in this month. currently the storm is fairly powerful, the sustained winds of 150 kilometers per hour. the gust of winds are on top of that. it's slowly working toward the west. over land, it doesn't have its energy source. that's the sea. that means it's going to disintegrate working its way across luzan. once over the sea, it will reintensify. that's bad news for vietnam, where the system is edging to. that's where we'll see another powerful storm. it looks like we'll see that on sunday. by late monday, it will work into parts of vietnam. currently as you can see, it's over parts of the philippines and going to still be incredibly wet there heading through the next few days. friday is where we'll see theent
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rain and behind it plenty of showers. >> google and yahoo have reacted angrily to a reported that the u.s. had secretly hacked its data centers. the details come from n.s.a. documents leaked by edward snowden. now for more detail, we're joined by our correspondent here in the studio. he's worked he is extensively on the story. thank you for coming in. what's provoked the anger of these internet giants. >> what's going on here is that the n.s.a., natural security agency together with its british counter part, the government communications headquarters has tapped into fiber optic cables outside the united states that google and yahoo, two of the world's large evident email providers use to transmit data, so they are able to absorb, suck up, if you will, hundreds of millions of packets of data,
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emails, all times of communications. this is different from a legal program in the united states that's authorized under u.s. law where the government and n.s.a. can approach companies and compel them with a court order to hand over details about specific individuals in their emails. this is a much more in discriminate approach. >> it just looks like it's just spiraling out of control, the whole spying allegation. why do you think they feel there's a need to go outside of the u.s.? >> well, it's interesting, because there are laws in the u.s. that restrict the kinds of things these intelligence agencies do, like going outside the u.s., they are not subject to u.s. law, so we don't know exactly where the documents do not specify where the points at which these -- the data's being vacuumed up are, but they're outside the united states, so the agency doesn't have to comply with u.s. law. the agency said it is doing
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everything in order to obtain valuable intelligence about the hostile entities, and that it is not trying to get around u.s. law. the companies themselves are very angry, google said it's outraged that needs for urgent reforms are necessary and going to beef up encryption efforts to thwart the intelligence agency. the bottom line here is nobody's secrets are safe on line. >> no one seems to have privacy anymore. the agency has played the 9/11 card for several times now. how much longer do you think they can go on before someone, google, yahoo, can they take them to court for this? >> that's a very good question. i don't know whether the companies would be able to take them to court for this, or where they would take them to court. if it's outside the united states, the u.s. courts would not have jurisdiction. perhaps they could do it in
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europe, but certainly the continual drip-drip-drip of revelations about the extent of n.s.a. spying is as you suggest begin to go sort of wear thin that 9/11 explanation that we hear so often. >> we'll have to see how much more often they can continue to play that card. thank you so much. >> new york is about to become the first major city in the to you. raise the smoking age to 21. the city council has passed new rules that mean anyone younger than that won't be allowed to buy tobacco produces. we report. >> cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, he cigarettes all will soon be off limits to anyone under 21.
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>> if you've got to be 21 to drink, it should be the same as cigarettes. it harms you as much as alcohol. >> the bill will delay or deter young people from picking up the habit. the mayor will sign the bill and i should a statement saying: >> under bloomberg, new york has taken hard line against tobacco, banning smoking in restaurants and bars, public parks and beaches. now attention turns to young people. >> if we can prevent them starting before age 21 and they never start, over the next 30 years, this can make a huge difference in our overall smoking rates. >> not everyone is convinced.
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>> if somebody is going to smoke, i don't think changing the age is going to make a difference. drinking age is 21. that doesn't stop people from drinking. >> it will take effect 18 months after signed into law. >> the boston red sox are once again world series champions. joe is here with that. amazing end to an amazing season. >> absolutely. they went from zero to hero. they made such a poor tart to the season, nobody could have predicted this one. the boston marathon bombings happened, i think you saw a way they played their games, becoming figureheads to the community and inviting first responders to the games and became such a strong part of the community. really, you know, it brought out the best of the boston red sox.
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they were really inspired by the fans. wednesday night, they beat the st. louis cardinals 6-1 in game six, so that was the end of that. understandably, the fans are very delighted. >> have they wait decades for it? >> 95 years in fact to see the boston red sox win at fenway park. this is their third win in a decade. >> this is unbelievable. the team deserved it. >> you got the hometown behind it, boston strong, marathon year, it's awesome. >> it's a perfect way to end the year. >> red sox three times in nine years, it doesn't get better than that. >> you can't compare anything to it, but it's awesome. >> now plenty more on that plus the rest of the day's sport in 20 minutes from now.
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>> they drowned off the indonesian coast en route to australia. the bodies have been returned home to lebanon. we'll have the latest. >> the world's most expensive footballer tries to justify his price tag. we'll have the latest coming up.
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>> welcome back. here are the headlines from aljazeera. the international chemical watchdog said syria has destroyed all of its declared
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chemical weapons product equipment. they will now focus on destroying the stockpile. a new deadline of mid 2014 has been set. >> the congolese military said leaders of the m23 rebel group have fled across the border into uganda of a the capture of their last strong hold. it's taken 18 months for the army in the democratic republic of congo to put down the rebellion. hundreds of kenyans have taken to the street, calling on the government to take action against men who gang raped a 16-year-old girl. protestors marched on the ministry of justice and police headquarters. >> rescue workers say they found the bodies of 87 people in the sahara desert. they are believed to have died of thirst when their trucks broke down. the group made up of mainly women and children had been trying to reach neighboring
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algeria. >> jordan is criticized for refusing to led refugees into the country. those stopped at the border of those without identification, unaccompanied men. jordan hosts more than a half million refugees most at one camp and said its facilities are overstretched. >> it's been a year since this family has been living in a plastic tent at the refugee camp. they basically survived a snowstorm last winter and are terrified of the upcoming weather. the reason he's still living in this frail tent is because of widespread bribery here. >> those who have money can pay engineers $150 and get a prefabricated home. those with no money have to beg for one.
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my eight-month-old baby is living in a tent with rats. rats are eating our meals with us. this is no life, this is just a slow death. >> these accounts are confirmed by amnesty international report, saying powerful gangs have diverted assistance to their parts of the camp. the report also says services provided by humanitarian organizations are generally inadequate here. >> the majority of the services are clustered together where the original infrastructure of the camp was built. that means people living farther away find it difficult to get to schools, clinics and shops. amnesty international said watching several kilometers to reach such services is a struggle for the elderly, people with disabilities and women who head households. it also criticizes jordanian policy, saying they are
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deporting refugees. the report also says jordan has been turning away refugees who arrived at borders since may. >> our policy rewarding refugees remains the same. the refugee that reaches our borders is allowed in and then they are searched and medically examined and transported to the refugee camps. >> amnesty international said there have been unannounced border closures and some syrians have had to pay a bribe to get into jordan. syrian rebel forces say they paid up to $500 to send an injured person to jordan. amnesty said it is aware of the many challenges jordan faces, but insists there are many areas that still need improvement. for this man and his family, all they want is a safe and proper shelter to keep them warm during the winter months.
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>> the bodies of 33 people who drowned off the i understand donation coast have been returned to lebanon. their boas boat sank last month. the lack of economic opportunities and in flux of 800,000 syrian refugees have forced some to look elsewhere to live. >> a 22-year-old was shot in the chest after a raid on the local vegetable market. the israeli military said it was confronted by dozen was people throwing rocks. >> tensions in the israeli city are threatening to divide the community. there's a growing rivalry between the ultra orthodox population and more moderate residents. fraud allegation over the recent
9:38 am
mayoral election are making the situation worse. >> they are the ultra orthodox, living desouth and private lives to very strict rules. here, it's become an issue for other residents. >> daniel goldman has been living here for 13 years. he says the city is slowly changing. he wants to bring up his five children in a diverse neighborhood, but not one that imposes restrictions on the way they want to live their lives. >> we see an increasingly large population moving in, new building projects specifically directed toward that population, which whatever time it takes means that they will have an absolute majority in the city. that is very difficult to see how the needs of the rest of us will be taken care of. >> this is the result of that
9:39 am
mutual mistrust, the ultra orthodox and liberal fighting the streets. it's happened frequently. the election for mayor is is controversial. it is alongside the volunteers was rigged. with a growing orthodox population reflects a wider debate about the identity of the state. both religious and secular israelis are concerned their lifestyle could be affected. >> for now, people hope that a compromise can be reached, that the rules are not imposed on others. >> in certain extreme cases, and outside synagogs, you may see a sign asking women to cross to the other side of the street,
9:40 am
part of the conflict over the last couple of years are people saying well, actually, it's illegal to do that. in israeli, you cannot disdiscriminate against a man or woman for walking in this or that particular way. >> there is also a real concern if the city continues on its current path, that in 10-15 years, the no 1heredi will be all forced to leave. >> aljazeera that uncovered evidence that suggest next year's presidential election in afghanistan could already be compromised. voters are going to the polls to decide hamid karzai's successor. >> what you're looking at are counterfeit voter cards. here in afghanistan, people worry they can be used in upcoming presidential election he is. aljazeera traveled to the east where we found the cards on sale for between $5 and $10 apiece.
9:41 am
they can used to cast a vote and you can bias many as you can afford. an official couldn't tell by looking at these cards whether they were real or fake. he said it doesn't matter, because on election day, there will be observers at the polls to prevent corruption. >> the chief electoral officer was surprised to see the forgeries. he's confident they won't be used to stuff ballots, even though the man selling them said he had 2 million of them. >> for those people trying to vote two or three times or proxy voting, they will have a zero chance. >> when with we showed the cards to presidential candidate abdullah abdullah. he worried this could repeat the 2009 whole when he came in second and with drew because of accusation of vote rigging. aljazeera found similar fake voting cards at the time weeks before the vote. now there's five months until
9:42 am
the poll. >> the election commission is not worried. it's the nation which is worried. they have to be worried if this is happening in this way. >> abdullah asked for new voter i.d. cards and a com presencive voters' list over a year ago. the election committee said it didn't have time or money for that. aljazeera, kabul. >> one of the men accused of genocide and crimes against humidity in cambodia has apologized for what happened, saying he accepts moral responsibility. two of the leaders are accused of orchestrating got deaths of of 2 million people. we have followed the trial in phnom penh. >> this is the last opportunity
9:43 am
for the two defendants to address the court. the 87-year-old also known at number two indicates how high up he was, was the first one to speak. he defended his actions, saying everything he did was out of love for the country and that he would never hurt his people. the second accused is 82 years old, a former head of state. he says that he wasn't aware of the full extent of the horrors and didn't order any of the crimes he's been accused of. if survivors are hoping for some form of contrition or remorse, they did not get that today. one survivor said she couldn't believe what she was hearing and referred to the men at liars. a verdict is not expected until sometime next year, and survivors hope these two men will live long enough to see sentencing. this trial was initially meant to have four defendants. one has passed away sometime this year.
9:44 am
the other has been declared unfit to stand trial because she has alzheimer's. many survivors see this as their last opportunity to get justice. >> workers in indonesia launched a strike, demanding more pay and better conditions. they came face-to-face with paramilitary groups trying to break the strike. from west java, we report. >> these are paramilitary groups threatening protesting workers, a tactic used in the past. tension build up and it's clear the men were trying to provoke a fight. >> one of the workers got hit by a machete. we don't want a war. we want to convey our demands. >> the paramilitary groups entered the industrial zone where workers have been on strike.
9:45 am
>> it is clear that the authorities are fed up with workers demonstrations. paramilitary grooms and the military are trying to stop them right now. >> workers started to arm themselves with sticks, but a fight was prevented. labor unions say an estimated 2 million laborers in 20 provinces in indonesia are on a strike. demanding a 50% increase of the minimum wage. >> only two and a half% of rich people in indonesia own 100% of all assets. that is not fair. we fight for justice, but they don't want to share. they use the force of money and power to fight us. >> labor unions in indonesia have become vocal in the past years after a long period of regression. they recently managed to increase workers' wages after a
9:46 am
series of protests. employers complain that the economy is seriously hurt by the workers actions. after tolerating the protests for over a year, authorities appear to be trying to stop it. aljazeera, west java. >> a day after a russian football team is punished over racist fans, there's more ugly scenes in the stands. details coming up. >> we will tell you how the red sox won their third world series title in a decade. uncovers unheard, fascinating news stories? >> they share it on the stream. >> social media isn't an after-thought, it drives
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>> welcome back. u.s. border guards shot down a drug tunnel from mexico with recently opened between san diego and tijuana. it is highly sophisticated with a lighting and rail system. more than 75 tunnels have been discovered in the past five years, designed mainly to smuggle drugs. >> 23 million american households that rely on help from the government to eat are about to see benefits reduced. we went to the poorest county in the u.s. to learn about the impact of those cuts, and more that could follow. >> for two hours each week, this food charity is the busiest place in the county in kentucky. the midpoint of all household income in this nearly all white rural county is the lowest of any in the u.s. the food bank is eggs specially
9:49 am
crowded toward the end of each month as good afternoon aid money runs low. single mother rose works 30 hours a week at a private charity to earn her benefits. under the supplemental nutrition aid program, commonly known as food stamps. >> it's assistance until i can get back to work and get a job and be financially independent again. >> rose is among a record 48 million americans who shop for groceries presenting a government issued electronic benefits card. she'll have to stretch her allowance further when on average, it drops to $1.40 a meal. in a place like this, you might expect that barack obama's agenda of higher taxes on the rich and expanded government benefits for the needy would have a lot of appeal. not exactly. >> once staunchly democratic, the county gave obama's
9:50 am
conservative republican opponent mitt romney 70% have its vote last year. it's been voting for republicans since 1996. they include cleata, a democratic that runs her own charity packing lunches for school kids. she said the hunger here is genuine, made worse by generation of reliance an welfare payments. >> 40-45% have the people don't work with their families. we have a lot of parents on drugs. they get their s.s.i. checks and their food stamps, and they cash it in at the store to buy soda pops. >> she says cutting food stamps would hurt the truly needy, including seen years. >> some people think everybody that draws food stamps are trying to live off the system and they are people that actually in my case actually had to. it's going to hurt them tremendously.
9:51 am
>> the u.s. house of representatives voted to cut billions more. among those voting yes, most of the republican congressman who represent the hungriest counties. boonville, kentucky. >> it's time for sport now. >> you'd have to go back nearly a century to see boston red sox fans celebrate a world series at home. wednesday, they went from worst to first to be crowned 2013 world series champion, doing it by beating the cardinals in game six. shane victorino returned back with a three-run double in the third. steven drew homered to give them a 6-0 lead. in the end, mat carpenter was struck out for the final out. the japanese pitcher helped the red sox seal a win, the first at
9:52 am
home in 95 years. it was on emotional moment for the team and the fans following the bass to know marathon bombing. >> in a time of need in response to a tragedy, you know, i go back to our players understanding their place in the city. they kind of for lack of a better way to describe it, they get it. they get that there's, i think a civil responsibility that we have wearing this uniform particularly here in boston. our fans got to a point where they appreciated the way we played the game, how they cared for one another. in return, they gave these guys an incredible amount of energy to thrive on in this ballpark. >> sometime, bad things got to happen for us to get the message and we got the message. we stayed together, and it shows the whole world that this is the best country every place. >> the french president will meet representatives of french
9:53 am
football clubs later thursday to try and avert a strike. they are upset over government plans to impose a 75% tax on those earning more than $1.3 million, which would affect all of their top players. top tears say they will strike in protest because the new tax will make them unable to compete at a european level. there will be no exceptions made for footballers. >> just a day after russian clubs were told to close their stadiums because of racist fans, around 30 fans were defeigned after trouble broke out during a russian cup match between the two teams. police tried to get on the pitch. police used water cannons to quell the violence. the country will host the world cup in 2018.
9:54 am
>> an incredible game, real madrid bounced back saturday by winning 7-3. the world's most expensive player was labeled a flop by the spanish press following his performance. they might be kinder after he scored the opening two goals. trailing 3-2 at half time, but two goals, the hat trick sealed the 7-3 win. >> the champions event in shanghai, former world number one needs good results in china to reach the season ending race to do buy after a poor season. shooting seven under par, 65 to finish two shots clear of the field. >> it was good.
9:55 am
you know, i played very well, controlled my ball really well for the first 13 holes, had a couple of shots that i got away with. it was nice to birdie one of the last couple. seven under a great start and where i want to be. >> the nba, dwight howard with the win over the charlotte bobcats, scoring 17 points and a career high 26 rebounds leading the rockets to a 96-83 win. teammate james harden top scorer for houston. it was the ninth straight victory against the bobcats. >> another debut for a new team was ellis leading the mavericks to 118-109 win over the hawks in their season opener. his top scoring with 32 points and eight assists. >> with less than a week to go,
9:56 am
roger federer qualified for the a.t.p. tour finals after beating kevin anderson in the second round of the paris mon terse. he has won just one tournament all year and fallen to number seven in the world ranking. he will be at the finals for the 12th consecutive year. federer joins world number one nidal in london, the spaniard who also qualified. he now faces 2012 runner up next. american representatives met with nfl officials to try to force the washington redskins team to change its name.
9:57 am
members of the indian nation say the name is offensive and asked to meet to discuss the issue. they want the nfl commissioner roger goodell to impose sanctions on washington if they continue to use the name. >> this is a civil rights issue, which makes it an issue for the national football league and every owner in the league in the sport of football. football in the nfl should be unifying forces and can be unifying forces in this country and we want to help them succeed. it's unacceptable that a team would continue to use a racist slur over the objections by those people offended by it and victims victimized by it. >> that is all the sport for now. for more, coming up later. >> thank you very much. boston red sox, fantastic news for them. >> absolutely. >> they'll be celebrating for the rest of the year. stay with us here on aljazeera. another bulletin four straight ahead.
9:58 am
determining using some sort of subjective interpretation of their policy as to whether or not your particular report was actually abusive, because if it doesn't contain language that specifically threatens you directly or is targeted towards you specifically, they may not consider it abuse. they may consider it offensive. and in that case they just recommend that you block that person. >> i don't want to minimise this, because i mean, there's some really horrible things that
9:59 am
are on line, and it's not - it's not just twitter, what has happened through social media and the anonymity of the net is that you see websites, hate-filled websites targetting all sorts of groups, popping up. there has been a huge number of those that exist as well.
10:00 am
>> this is aljazeera america live in new york city. i'm del walters with a look at today's stop stories. the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons say syria has destroyed all declared chemical weapons plants. under the disarmament time table, syria had to dry the facilities by november 1. more refugees are finding themselves stranded on the syrian side of the border and the amnesty international said there are indications that jordan and several other countries are closing crossing points without notice. jordan, lebanon, turkey, iraq and egypt of dealing with more than 2 million refugees. >> a wall

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